Hagglethorn Hollow

Created by Tabletop Troubadour Games

Hand-sculpted, highly detailed gaming scenery designed to enrich your tabletop gaming experiences.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Fishermans Storehouse and Hunters Lodge - from Concept to Reality
5 days ago – Wed, Oct 16, 2019 at 03:28:58 AM

As we wait for our remaining Hagglethorn Hollow pieces to be produced, we have been moving steadily ahead with work on the tree campaign and other projects that will be released next year. A few progress pics will start to appear on our social media pages in the next few weeks, so be sure to follow us to be able to see the first peek at them. Click here for the TTG Facebook page.

We also realized we never revealed the fully completed Fishermans Storehouse and Hunters Lodge! Many of you saw the early sketches and a production video released earlier this year, but since we never actually showed the fully realized buildings, we thought we would do that today! These are the factory molds and painted by Johnny (These are not the paint masters, so colors are not accurate). The pictures show the new buildings on the medium dungeon base, which is a modular option for those who have the base in their orders already.

**Please note that the paint/colors of these prototypes may not be accurate to the final product.

The Fishermans Storehouse: The structure of the Fishermans Storehouse hints at the origins of Hagglethorn Hollow's earliest settlers. With its practical use of ruined boats, this towering structure is a homely and welcoming refuge to those Hagglethonian fishermen who do not wish to risk the journey back to the village through the swamplands after the Gloaming has set.

The Hunters Lodge: The Hunters Lodge serves as headquarters to those daring trappers and trackers who make their living from bounty’s paid by the wizarding guild to secure them live specimens of the fey folk inhabiting the wilds out of town.

As many of our backers are aware, we're working through a production delay and due to our factories' workload, are still a few weeks away from production resuming for the remaining pieces. We are using this down-time to review all aspects of shipping to ensure we have the most efficient process in place and avoid any possible delays. The pre-order store will remain open for a few more weeks and we will also wait to confirm shipping addresses until we are close to the shipping date as well.

Thanks again everyone, 

Shipping Updates
about 1 month ago – Sun, Sep 08, 2019 at 02:59:03 AM

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Gen Con Review Part 2
about 2 months ago – Sun, Sep 01, 2019 at 03:21:03 AM

Coming to you from the home workshop/cave/burrow of TTGs Johnny Fraser-Allen, we expand a little more on GenCon and what the future holds for TTG. For those who follow TTG on Facebook and Twitter, most of this information has been revealed, but we thought we would address it all in one video. 

 We also wanted to show a few more pics of the pieces that were created specifically for "Zombicide comes to Hagglethorn Hollow" prototype. As our previous update mentioned, sculpted tiles were created by Johnny for Hagglethorn Hollow dwellings to sit on. These tiles had the recognizable grid sections that Zombicide players would have been very familiar with. This allowed for quite a seamless integration of the worlds and gameplay.  

Keen eyes may be able to tell where the tile bases and dwellings meet and of course, it's obvious Johnny added moss and grasses to the design as well (and a zombie corpse or two for good measure). For those of you interested in making you own bases and adding other custom features, the techniques used will be discussed in the upcoming book "The Art and making of Hagglethorn Hollow." The book is still available for pre-order through our Backerkit store. Link - https://tinyurl.com/ycyukxzg

For our backers, please keep an eye out for the email reminder in the next week to confirm your shipping addresses. We do need to lock them in as we near the shipping date lock-off point. 

For any questions about orders, please message us directly on KS or on our FB page where we will do our best to reply asap.

Thanks again everyone. 

Gen Con Review and Production Updates
2 months ago – Sat, Aug 17, 2019 at 03:14:41 AM

GenCon Review

Well it has been non-stop since we got back from GenCon 2019. For those of you who may have missed our news via our Facebook page, one of the main reasons we attended GenCon was to unveil the secret project we have been working on. The secret is out! It's a collaboration with tabletop heavyweights and Kickstarter icons - CMON, and the project, "Zombicide comes to Hagglethorn Hollow". 

CMON and TTG are looking to develop a very unique expansion to the Zombicide world with scenarios custom-designed to play within Hagglethorn Hollow. While development is ongoing with no release date set, we were able to give gamers a first look at the gameplay prototype at this years GenCon at the CMON booth. We could not have be happier with the response to the prototype from both seasoned players and first-time players in the Zombicide world.  

As well as themed game scenarios, our prototype (more images to come) show the idea of how we might release sculpted tiles that Hagglethorn Hollow buildings can be placed on. These tiles have the recognisable grid sections that Zombicide players will be very familiar with. As the demos at GenCon showed us, the integration of the game into Hagglethorn Hollow was quite seamless and level of thematic immersion really was such a fun way to experience the game.

The prototype will be able to be viewed and played at several upcoming conventions and we will be sure to let you know the details when they are confirmed. We will also be putting out a video in a few weeks to show the demo board up close and discuss the project in more detail. 

GenCon also gave us the opportunity to meet around 20 (we actually lost count!) Hagglethorn Hollow backers in person! That was an absolute thrill for us and so grateful they took the time to come visit us. This included James, who is shown below with his son and Johnny. James followed the development of Hagglethorn Hollow from its early inception and was there on day one of the Kickstarter to claim the title of “First Backer!” 

GenCon also allowed us to meet a wide range of creatives from all aspects of the industry, and the opportunities that came from those meetings have been incredibly exciting. While our focus is primarily on the Hagglethorn Hollow delivery and then the Tree Creatures campaign, we came away from GenCon with some exciting future possibilities for TTG.

Production Updates

We are nearing the finish line! Well, at least for this first chapter. Next week we head back to our manufactures in China for the final quality control trip. This will include sign-offs on the last items to come off the production line. While we did hope to deliver early, a few late changes to some designs mean that we are anticipating it will now be late September/mid October for delivery. 

The pre-order store will remain open for as long as possible but all items now have limits applied to them. Existing backers will also soon see an email from us to confirm delivery addresses. We are also leaving this as late as we possibly can in case backers have a change of address.

And that is about it for now everyone. Next update from us will most likely be the shipping update, where we should be able to give more accurate delivery times for the regions across the globe.   

Thanks again everyone!

...and yes, the Tree Creatures are coming!

The Fishermans Storehouse, Production Updates and GenCon!
4 months ago – Sat, Jun 22, 2019 at 08:41:29 PM

Hey everyone, it has been non-stop at the TTG workshop with products moving steadily through the production process. Constant sign offs on master sculpts, first casts, paint masters, magnet options, shipping, packaging and much more! It's all coming together as items roll through the production lines. It's an exciting time!

One of our final pieces is now also with the factory going through its production process. Some of our followers may have seen the video we released on our Facebook page showing the "One Day Sculpt" of the figurehead for the Fishermans Storehouse. If not, we have added it below. Enjoy this glimpse into a day in the life of Johnny!

Since completing the figurehead sculpt, it's been scanned, 3D printed to its proper scale, moulded, cast and been attached to the original Fishermans Storehouse sculpt. From there, the entire building was re-moulded and cast to create our Fishermans Storehouse master and is now at our factory. Using tradition sculpting methods and techniques combined with the latest technologies in 3D scanning and printing has really enabled this building to be fully realised to Johnny's expectations. 

So whats next? With most of Hagglethorn Hollow pieces now under mass production, it allows us to make some more progress on the next projects. If you are an avid follower then you will know that besides the 3D STL campaign, we are aiming to have the Tree Creatures out later this year on Kickstarter.  We will showing some sneak peeks of the progress soon. 

Additionally, we also have a secret project that we are working on with a major game industry publisher! All will be revealed at GenCon 2019! So in about 5 weeks time, we will be leaving our island down here at the bottom of the world and heading to Indianapolis. We can't wait and look forward to meeting up with fellow gamers and especially Hagglethorn Hollow backers who are attending. 

Thanks again everyone!

Ike and Johnny